nOS new Operating System (aka Nintendo Operating System) - Switch Planner App

Prior to its launch, it was revealed that nOS new Operating System would release on Nintendo Switch for the hefty asking price of $39.99. Developed by RedDeerGames, the title is a task management app that includes a notepad, planner, paint tool, image editor, calculator, and sliding puzzle game. Despite its name, this is not an update to the Switch’s existing operating system.

The included features are, admittedly, pretty neat, but we found it peculiar to charge 40 bucks for a task manager. The title, nOS new Operating System, could also be considered a tad misleading as it doesn’t really alter the Switch OS and is simply launched like any other game on your Switch menu.

In any case, the app, also known as Nintendo Operating System, is out now, and it’s currently on sale for the reasonable price of $1.99. That’s 95 percent off the original price tag. So if you’re considering snagging nOS for Nintendo Switch, now would be the time to do so. The sale price will run through February 16, at which point nOS new Operating System will revert to the intended $39.99.

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