Infernax - Path of Redemption

I’ve written guides to all of Infernax‘s endings (that I know of), with one exception: Path of Redemption. This has been an elusive one because it’s the most difficult to track. Basically, you have to do enough evil things to turn evil, then do enough good things to then turn back to good (or good-ish, really). The thing is, while there’s a very obvious point at which you turn to the evil path, there’s no clear indicator when you’ve made it back to the good one (though there are some subtle indicators).

So I’m going to walk you through the full process of getting Path of Redemption. I should point out here that reader Aard Wolf helped out a lot in chronicling the process, but I did run some of my own experiments and forge my own path through this. This guide breaks away from Aard Wolf’s in a lot of key ways (you can read Aard Wolf’s guide in the comments section of my Madness at the Core of Time guide).

I will also say that you should probably skip this ending until you’ve gotten all the others. This will go a lot more smoothly if you have some familiarity with the game world already. Unlike the Ultimate Good and Ultimate Evil playthroughs, there is no wiggle room in this one. You have to follow this guide exactly if you want to get the ending.

Also, I’m going to suggest a route that involves cheat codes. If you’re not cool with that, then turn back now. But these codes will get you around having to complete certain quests too early (like Josephine’s skeleton quest, which you must complete to use the Darsov inn).

Help the Man and Kill Paimon (Good)

Infernax - It Hurts

In the very beginning of the game, you’re going to meet a man who asks you to kill him. You’re then given the option to either slay him or help him. Choose “Help,” then kill the beast that he transforms into (Paimon).

The reason you want to choose this option is that killing him locks you out of Lillian’s quest line later in the game, and you’ll need that to help bring you back to the “Good” side.

Save the Village (Mandatory)

Infernax - Aberration

When you reach Darsov, you’re going to encounter a monster (the Aberration) that’s attacking the city. Defeat it and send it off into the hills. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to skip this part of the game (and believe me, I’ve tried).

Activate cheat codes

Infernax - Game Wizard

This is where we’re going off the beaten path. Now, if you want to get this ending without cheating, I’m sure you’ll figure that out on your own (or you can follow Aard Wolf’s guide in the comments section of my Madness at the Core of Time guide). For this particular guide, we’re going to break the game a little bit.

Once you get to a shrine, you can activate the Game Wizard and type in some cheat codes. The specific code you want here is:

  • SEPPINOT – Infinite Jumps

As an alternative, you could also use this one:

  • TEYETPAX – Jetpack

And this one is optional, but since you’ve already committed to cheating, you might as well use it:

  • NINPIOUS – Invincibility

Note that entering cheat codes will not void your Classic Mode run. So cheat away, my friend.

The reason you need to enter cheat codes here is that you need to get the Teleport spell as soon as possible. This makes everything else so much more convenient. It also allows you to change the time of day without completing the skeleton quest in Darsov, because you can now use the inn in Arkos (more on that later) instead of the inn in Darsov.

Get the Teleport spell

Infernax Map

Once you have Infinite Jumps enabled, you can go all the way to the right, through the cave, and then down to Arkos. Note that your Infinite Jumps will get you over the particular section shown below, which would be impassable at this point otherwise:

Infernax - Infinite Jump

Once you make it over this section, drop straight down into Arkos and activate the shrine. You’re going to need this one a lot.

From there, head to the left to get to Horace at the Arkos Underpass Apothecary (shown in the map at the top of this section). You can buy the Teleport spell for 200 gold. You might have to grind a bit to get the required gold, but Arkos Underpass Bridge is a really good spot for grinding gold.

Talk to Genevieve

Infernax - Genevieve

After acquiring the Teleport spell, use it to teleport back to Darsov.

Genevieve lives in the house next to Handsome Hans’ (the one that has the sort of trapdoor-looking thing next to it). Genevieve will ask you to help her husband, starting the quest “Possessed Husband.”

Talk to Josephine

Infernax - Josephine

Josephine is located in the Darsov inn. When you talk to her, she’ll ask you to take care of a skeleton for her. Say “Yes” to start the quest “The Red Skeleton.” Don’t complete this quest yet.

Pick up both quests in Darsov garrison

Infernax - Bandits

There are two quests to pick up inside the Darsov garrison: “The Bridge” and “Reclaim the Farm.” You’ll want to begin both of them before you start working toward the evil path.

Finish off the Aberration (mandatory)

Infernax - Aberration

You can now follow the purple slime to find the Aberration and kill it. You don’t have to do this at this exact moment, but this is the easiest time to get it done, since you’re going to be in the area anyway. Killing the Aberration will grant you a key, which you can use to enter the Valeshire Keep dungeon.

Pick up the quest to destroy the tome (evil)

Infernax - Destroy the Tome

Make your way down to the vagabond camp on the east edge of Combbelton Cemetery (near James’ house). The brigand in the middle of the camp will ask you to destroy a holy tome, which will begin the quest “The Message.” Agree to do this.

Sleep at the Arkos inn

Infernax - Arkos Inn

If you have the Teleport skill, and you activated the shrine in Arkos on the way, you can now Teleport back there to change the time to night (you can’t do this at Darsov because you haven’t completed the skeleton quest yet).

You want to sleep in the inn to progress the game to nighttime. (If it’s already night at this point, you can skip this step).

Bribe the brigand (evil)

Infernax - Accept Bribe

Now that it’s nighttime, head out to Valeshire Bridge, where you’ll encounter a brigand. You can either accept his bribe or fight him. You’ll want to accept the bribe here.

Don’t return to Darsov garrison to turn in the quest quite yet (you’ll want to save this for your journey back to the good side later on).

Destroy the tome (evil)

Infernax - Destroy Holy Tome

Return to Darsov, then go into the cathedral and smash up the tome. This must be done at nighttime.

Party with the vagabonds (evil)

Infernax - Vagabond Camp

Now you’ll want to return to the vagabond camp to turn in “The Message” quest. Since you’re already here, you should go talk to James in the house at the far-right edge of this area. He’ll ask you to clear out the vagabonds, and selecting “Yes” will start the quest “Expel the Vagabonds.”

Now go back and talk to Robert (the man in the purple robe) and tell him to leave. When he offers you a drink, accept his offer. Time will pass, and when you return to James’ house, he’ll be gone (most likely dead). You can now buy the Drain Life spell from the cultist in James’ house.

Note that after drinking with the vagabonds, it will be daytime, no matter what time it was when you triggered the cutscene.

Talk to Phillipe (evil)

Infernax - Phillipe

At this point, you’ve done enough evil to catch the eye of the local cultists. Visit the tavern in Arkos, where Phillipe awaits you at a table (you’ll recognize him by the red robes he wears). Phillipe will give you the password for the cultist hideout above Arkos. This begins the quest “Tohan Hideout.”

While you’re in town, you’ll want to stop and talk to Lillian, who lives to the left of the inn in Arkos.

Visit the Tohan hideout (evil)

Infernax - Cultist Hideout

The Tohan hideout is above Arkos, behind the doorway pictured above. Use the password Phillipe gave you (“Book of Truth”) to get inside, then talk to the second guy you see. He’ll ask you to silence Hans for good, and if you agree to it, you’ll begin the quest “Silencing of Hans.”

Return to Darsov and enter Hans’ house. It’s this one:

Infernax - Handsome Hans

Now talk to Hans, and don’t let him weasel out of his sad demise. Kill him.

Return to the cultist to complete the quest. At this point, you can now talk to the guy on the summoning circle in the back of the hideout. He will ask you to help him perform a ritual. He wants you to capture a man named Jarvis and return him to the cultist hideout (with the Teleport spell). If you accept, you will begin the quest “First Summoning.”

Now you’ll have to go to Arkos, into the house to the left of the shrine. Inside is Jarvis. Simply use your Teleport spell to send him to the hideout, where he will be sacrificed.

This is the point where you officially become evil, and your outfit will change to reflect that.

Don’t corrupt the shrines

Infernax - Corrupted Shrine

Once you’ve become evil, whenever you use a shrine, you will corrupt it permanently. At this point in the game, I pick one shrine to be my go-to save point, then I don’t use any other shrines for the rest of the game. (You can walk by one to get the rejuvenating effects; just don’t use the action button to open the shrine menu).

To be perfectly honest, I actually don’t know if the shrines have an impact on your morality or not. I like to err on the side of caution, though.

Do the dungeons (mandatory)

Infernax - Thunderstorm Spell

This is a good point in this journey to clear Valeshire Keep, Combbelton Necropolis, Stormheim Castle, and Kastka Palace. You can even do the Sunken Palace optional dungeon if you want the armor. Just don’t complete Kadjanto Stronghold yet.

Help the possessed man in Darsov Cathedral (good)

Infernax - Possessed Man

From this point on, your goal is to reverse course and become as good as possible.

Once you clear Stormheim Castle, you will meet Julius to the west of Darsov. He’s going to ask you to help him with a possessed man in Darsov Cathedral. Agree to help, then talk to Father Henry. Do not kill the possessed man; you’re trying to turn good again.

Donate to the church

Infernax - Donations

As long as you’re in the Darsov cathedral, give 25 gold to the donation box (you might have to exit the cathedral and then re-enter once the exorcism is complete).

Kill the skeleton and the werewolf (good)

Infernax - Skeleton Knight

Head east of Darsov, where it’s finally time to face Josephine’s skeleton. Continue even further to the west to defeat the werewolf (it must be nighttime), who will unlock the way to Gregor’s place. Talk to Gregor to complete the exorcism.

Now go to Darsov Inn to turn in the skeleton quest.

Clear out the barn (good)

Infernax - Barn Quest

Now you can finally complete the barn quest. Go to the west of Valeshire Bridge, then enter the barn there to fight the Necro. Now you can return to Darsov garrison and turn in both soldier quests.

Help Danielle with the monster in the basement

Infernax - Map to Danielle's House

Since you’re in the area, this is a good time to help Danielle with the monster in her basement. The map above shows the location of her house, though you will need to have the Precision Strike skill (found in Combbelton Necropolis) to smash through the wall to get there.

Danielle will ask you to kill a monster in her basement. If you accept, you will begin the quest “Under the Stairs.”

Go into the basement and kill the monster. This requires you to deflect its projectiles back at it (though if you’re using the invincibility cheat, you can just cross the spike pit and hack away at the monster until it dies).

Return to Danielle to complete the quest and earn the Guided Strike skill.

Note that you will need to complete this quest in order to finish an Ultimate Evil playthrough, so I’m actually not sure if the game counts this as good or neutral.

Kill the demon outside of Arkos (good)

Infernax - Caged Demon

If you go west of Arkos at night, you’ll find a group of people who have captured a demon in a cage. You’re given the option to either burn it or reason with it. You’re going to want to burn it (reasoning with it frees it and causes it to kill some of the onlookers).

Don’t destroy the dam (good)


While you’re in Arkos, go into the house pictured above. Inside, you’ll find a man named Simon Johns who asks you to destroy the dam east of Arkos. Tell him “Never,” then defeat the specters that appear. This completes the quest “Flood Arkos.”

If you still haven’t talked to Lillian (in the house on the bottom left of Arkos), you’ll want to do that now.

Don’t burn the villages (good)

Infernax - Shores of Upel

Return to the Shores of Upel and visit the house shown above during the day. It’s to the right of the Shores of Upel shrine, but to the left of where you start the game.

Inside this house, you’ll meet the Old Hermit, who asks you to burn all three towns (Darsov, Arkos, and Kastski). Tell him “Never,” then get whisked off to fight the Faceless One. Defeat it to complete the quest “Master Arsonist.”

Kill Paimon again (good)

Infernax - Paimon (Again)

Before you do this, you must have talked to Lillian (in the house in the bottom left corner of Arkos), and then to Alan (in the apothecary in Kastski).

Return to the spot where you killed Paimon the first time (just to the right of the Shores of Upel shrine), then recite the spell Alan gave you (you do this by approaching the body and pressing the action button). This will cause you to fight Paimon a second time. This time, the fight is much more difficult, so be prepared for that.

Once Paimon is defeated, return to Lillian to complete the quest “Paimon Returns.”

Cleanse the Dreamscape (good)

Infernax - Dreamscape

In Kastski, you’ll meet a man named Micheal (in the house in the bottom right-hand corner of the town), who asks you to cleanse the demons from his dreams. Saying “Yes” will begin the quest “Underworld Dreams.”

Note that if you’re too evil, Micheal won’t trust you enough to give you the quest, but if you’ve been following along in this guide, you should be good enough at this point to do it.

First, you need an elixir, which you can buy from Mary’s apothecary way out in Kadjanto. Her shop can be found in the location shown on the map below.

Infernax - Map to Mary

Once you have the elixir, return to Michael in Kastski. He will teleport you to his dream world. Make your way through the dungeon (you’re basically moving from left to right), then defeat Crocell at the end of it. Return to Michael to complete the quest.

Help Caroline with her skeleton problem (good)

Infernax - Caroline's House

Caroline is a woman who lives in the house between the Kastski garrison and the mayor’s house. If you talk to her, she’ll ask you to kill a skeleton east of Kastski, and if you say “Yes,” you will begin the quest “Skeleton Neighbor.”

The skeleton you’re looking for is Remus, and he’s way out on the eastern edge of Mount Kastka, in this location:

Infernax - Remus Map

When you arrive at the house, go inside to confront Remus. He will ask you to spare him, but don’t fall for his tricks. Slay him. The house will start on fire, and Remus’ friend Brutus will escape.

Return to Caroline in Kastski to complete the quest.

Kill Brutus (good)

Infernax - Brutus

Even though you should have completed the “Skeleton Neighbor” quest, there’s still one loose end to tie up. First, you’ll need to buy the Familiar spell from Alan in the Kastski apothecary (if you don’t have it already). Then make your way out to Kadjanto Peak to confront Brutus (he’s in the location shown on the map above).

Brutus has captured a wizard in a cage. Kill Brutus, then free the wizard to earn the Doves upgrade for your Familiar spell.

Get the Holy Light spell from the Kadjanto Stronghold dungeon

Infernax - Kadjanto Stronghold Map

If you’ve done everything in this guide up to this point (and I mean everything), then the spell you get in Kadjanto Stronghold should be Holy Light instead of Hellfire. (If you’re not good enough, the spell will be replaced with Hellfire, so this is one of the “soft indicators” of your morality in the game.)

The spell is located here:

Infernax - Kadjanto Stronghold Map

Once you have the spell, you might as well finish the dungeon and cross it off your list. You’re getting really close to the end of the game at this point!

Cure Genevieve’s husband (good)

Infernax - Genevieve's Husband

Now that you’ve got the Holy Light spell, you can use it to cure Genevieve’s husband beneath her house. Use the spell to enchant your weapon, then give the guy one quick whack. Note that if you picked up the Hellfire spell instead of Holy Light, you will kill Genevieve’s husband instead of curing him, which is an evil act.

This will complete the quest “Possessed Husband.”

I do have a more thorough guide to this questline, if you’re looking for one, but if you’ve completed the other endings, then you probably already know how this one goes.

Complete the game

Infernax - Urzon Citadel

At this point, you aren’t good enough to continue deeper into the Ultimate Good questlines, but you should be just good enough to get the Path of Redemption ending. Head over to Urzon Citadel to fight Belphegor and complete the game.

If you’ve done all of this correctly, you should have unlocked the Path of Redemption ending, as well as adding the sixth volume to your library.

And that’s how you do it, folks!

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2 years ago

Yeah I got a problem I did everything as you said to but when I got to lillian she said there is no hope and the quest never started

Last edited 2 years ago by Gabooldy
2 years ago
Reply to  Gabooldy

Yeah, you have to talk to her before you come evil. I just made the same mistake since I was only reading the titles

2 years ago
Reply to  Vampz

Man you sure about that? That sucks. So what can I do about it, do I need to restart my playthrough?

1 year ago

Just wanted to add for any other soul worried about having to do the game in one go after going evil: corrupting shrines won’t lower morality. It is perfectly safe to save once you have the longsword

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