Hitman 3 - Ambrose Island

Even though IO Interactive announced they’d be supporting Hitman 3 through 2022, the Year 2 content has been pretty meagre. On top of that, we’ve hardly heard a peep from the company.

However, IO recently announced some of their plans for the game’s future. Most importantly, the “roguelike” Freelancer mode, originally planned for this spring, has been delayed to the second half of 2022. To make up for it, a new map, titled Ambrose Island, will be coming in July. If the above screenshot looks familiar, it’s because this is the map that was revealed as “Codename: Rocky.” Apparently, it features a story set before the main events of Hitman 3.

But that’s not all that was announced. We also got a roadmap for the month of May.

Hitman 3 - May 2022 Roadmap

Because these graphics are always hard to read, I’m going to list everything by date.

May 5

  • Space Conflict Featured Contracts

May 6

  • The Fugitive (Elusive Target on Hokkaido) – expires May 16

May 12

  • Food Fight Featured Contracts

May 13

  • The Bookkeeper (Elusive Target on Colorado) – expires May 23

May 19

  • Rubber Duck Featured Contracts

May 24

  • Game update
  • Duck Hunt Challenge (unlock the Yellow Rabbit Suit)
  • New Elusive Target Arcade Contract (unlock the Ducky Gun)

May 27

  • The Iconoclast (Elusive Target on Mendoza) – expires June 6
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