The horror-loving folks at Half-Glass Gaming have been salivating over Scorn for a while now. This dreamlike horror game, developed by Ebb Software and published by Kepler Interactive, was inspired by the works of the absolute madman H.R. Giger.

Here’s a description from a press release that went out this morning:

Scorn takes players into an isolated, strange, dream-like world. Left unguided to fend for themselves, players must explore Scorn’s interconnected bio-labyrinth, learning its rules and mastering grotesque puzzles along the way as they come to understand their own predicament.

We were pumped when it was announced that the game would be launching on October 21, 2022. But, as it turns out, the game is ready to go a bit early, and it’s now set for release on October 14 instead. That gives us a whole extra week of pre-Halloween scares.

Scorn is coming to PC via all the usual suspects (Steam, GoG, and Epic Games Store), and it will also be on Xbox Series X|S. It’ll even be on Game Pass for all you loyal subscribers to Microsoft’s monthly service.

You can check out the new release date trailer below.

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