Frozen Flame

Frozen Flame just released in Early Access yesterday, and a lot of people have been struggling to get past the game’s durability system, where the things you make tend to break down way more quickly than they should. I wrote a whole article about this, and I wasn’t the only one to have this opinion; people were talking about this even back during the game’s closed beta period.

But developer Dreamside Interactive is wasting no time when it comes to addressing this. In fact, they’ve already released a hotfix to dial back some of the durability issues. Hotfix makes several changes to the durability system, including:

  • Durability loss of weapons was decreased by 50%.
  • Structure decay is now capped at 30%, so your house won’t disappear after a while.
  • Crafting cost of ragged clothes was reduced.
  • Magic Essence doesn’t have weight anymore.
  • Reduced bow charge time.
  • Added an Unstuck button to the menu.

On top of this, there are some changes to dedicated servers:

  • Server name will be displayed in the list of servers.
  • Fixed different issues related to the work of dedicated servers.
  • Increased maximum in players count in the mode menu (it is a recommendation: the number of players is only limited by the server configuration).
  • There is now a guide on GitHub with the information on how to launch and set up your own server:

And then there are some general changes:

  • Increased checkpoint activation zone of teleports.
  • Now you can build in combat.
  • Stone Workbench now requires only 1 bone to craft.
  • Hornhead cooking quest can now be finished with any recipe that requires an apple.
  • Hornhead no longer takes away your bone pickaxe after you finish the quest.
  • Building mode tooltip no longer disappears in combat.
  • Burning damage from staffs was decreased.

Considering this comes just a day after Early Access launch, it’s a pretty good step in the right direction. It’s also a good sign that Dreamside is listening to fans and that they’re willing to make the changes that need to happen to make Frozen Flame a better game for everyone. I definitely hope this level of support continues.

If you haven’t yet, you can check out Frozen Flame‘s Early Access on Steam.

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