The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0902

In The Entropy Centre, Puzzle 0902 is mostly here to introduce you to a new puzzle element, the tall cube. This new type of cube can be expanded by rewinding it, but this comes with a catch: You can’t reposition the cube and then rewind it back to an old location, like you can with other cubes. Rewinding a tall cube will only cause it to unfold.

Solving Puzzle 0902 is actually pretty easy once you understand how the tall cube functions. Basically, you just need to use the bridge cube on the button panel rather than the tall cube. The tall cube is simply for getting yourself up on top of the ledge to your left.

Here’s a video of the puzzle solution:

Puzzle 0903, however, is a little trickier. At first, this one feels like there aren’t quite enough cubes to solve this. However, rewinding time is a powerful force indeed, and this one just takes some rewinding to get all the pieces into the right place.

The first thing you want to do is take the standard cube and block the laser that holds the final door shut. Reset your gun once you have that cube in position if you want to. Now, move the tall cube under the other laser beam, then place the standard cube on top of it so that when you expand the tall cube, the standard cube blocks the laser beam. Now rewind the standard cube by just a millisecond so that you can pull out the tall cube without the standard cube dropping.

Now you can use the tall cube to get to the platform near the final door, then rewind the standard cube back to where it was when it was blocking the first laser. That will unlock the final door again so you can exit the puzzle.

Here’s a video solution for Puzzle 0903:

You’ll notice that after solving the puzzle, I checked the computers in the next room for emails, but I didn’t find any.

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 0902 and 0903 in The Entropy Centre. If you want to continue with this walkthrough, here’s a link to my guide for Puzzle 0904 and 0905.

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