Most jobs in Bravely Default II rely on magic or physical attacks, but that’s not the case for the Salve-Maker. This job uses items to attack enemies, support allies, and heal your party. The Salve-Maker job also appeared in the first Bravely Default, and it hasn’t changed much since then.

While you can unlock the Salve-Maker job in Bravely Default II‘s third chapter, you won’t get the job automatically. This is a missable job, and you’ll have to visit a new town, complete a side quest, and face off against a boss in order to earn the Salve-Maker asterisk for your party.

You can unlock the Salve-Maker job once you’re free to explore the area around Rimedhal. Head south of Rimedhal, and you’ll discover a small, snow-covered village called Enderno. When you enter Enderno, you’ll discover a shop, some people to play cards with, and a few side quests.

One of the people in need of help is Glenn, the mayor of Enderno. Glenn’s brother, Glynn, has fallen into a deep sleep and is now trapped inside his own dream. Glenn asks you to bring him a Luneclover so that he can rescue his brother.

You can find a Luneclover by exiting Enderno from the north. That will take you to Crystalcap Mountain, where you’ll find a Luneclover glowing in the snow. Pick the Luneclover and bring it back to Glenn to start the next part of the quest.

Glenn will use the Luneclover to create an item called a Dreamsnoozer tonic, which will allow him to enter the dream world his brother is trapped in. Your party will volunteer to visit the dream world in Glenn’s place. After that, you can heal up, stock up on items, and do anything else you need to do before talking to Glenn to start the quest.

After taking the potion, you’ll find yourself back on Crystalcap Mountain, where you’ll see Glynn. Unfortunately, before you can save him, he takes off and runs through the snow. You’ll need to head deeper into the mountains to track him down. The snowy winds are strong here, which can make the mountains difficult to navigate, but if you follow the quest markers, you’ll find him before long.

When you approach Glynn, you’ll see another familiar face — Glenn. This version of Glenn is far more villainous than the one that you met back in Enderno, and it’s clear that Glynn sees him as a threat. Before long, you’ll find yourself battling against the dream version of Glenn.

Glenn isn’t an especially tough boss, but you will want to make sure you avoid using magic attacks against him. When you cast spells on Glenn, you’ll charge up his BP, which will allow him to use some of his most powerful moves against you. Heavy hitters like the Berserker, Thief, and Swordmaster will really come in handy here.

If Glenn casts Contagion, you’ll want to have a White Mage use Basuna on your party — or have another character toss out a Remedy — as soon as possible. Contagion will deplete your MP every turn, and if you don’t deal with it, you’ll have a hard time finishing Glenn off.

As long as you hit Glenn with your most powerful physical attacks, you should be able to finish him without much of a problem. After some story sequences, you’ll be able to complete the quest and receive the Salve-Maker asterisk.

The Salve-Maker job may be missable, but it’s definitely worth leveling. The Compounding ability allows the Salve-Maker to craft bombs that can inflict all sorts of status effects upon enemies. The Widen Area ability can also come in handy. This ability allows you to use items on your entire party instead of one character.

Even if you’re eager to finish up the main story, you should take an excursion to complete this quest and unlock this job.

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