Dead Island 2 - Coach Ace

In Dead Island 2, there are plenty of trunks and safes and sundry other containers that can be unlocked by finding a specific key. For example, there is a coach’s car sitting out in Bel Air, and you can loot the trunk of the car. But first, you must find the coach.

So I’m going to show you where to find the Coach’s Car Keys, then I’ll show you where to use them.

Dead Island 2 - Coach's Car Keys

First up, I found the car keys in the exact same place in two separate playthroughs. It’s in the tennis court in Bel Air at nighttime, after completing the Halperin Hotel portion of the game. At this point, you’d be on the main story quest “The Chosen One.” I don’t know if you need to be in this exact part of the game for this to work, but I’m just going to show you where I found the keys for myself.

In case you’re not sure where to look, here’s where it is on the map:

Dead Island 2 - Tennis Court

When you get to the tennis court, you should see a zombie labeled Coach Ace. It’s located in the corner of the court, and it should be busy chomping away on a corpse. Kill this zombie to collect the Coach’s Car Keys.

Here’s a video that shows this in action:

These keys unlock the trunk of a car that’s parked just around the corner from the tennis court. It’s a bit hard to explain exactly where the car is, so I’ll just post this video:

The reward should be a Rare Agile Golf Club, which is great for conking zombies across the head.

And there you go. That’s where to both find and use the Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2!

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Julian Watkins
1 year ago

I happened upon the keys but for the life of me couldn’t find the dang car. Watching your video I would say no wonder I didn’t find it since it’s pretty nondescript, but I guess it is close enough to the course that it does make sense.

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