Red Mage is the perfect complement to any magic-based class in Bravely Default II. Red Mages have always been a jack of all trades, with access to both healing and damage dealing spells. You’ll unlock the Red Mage Job while playing through Chapter Two of the main story.

You’ll get the Red Mage Asterisk from Roddy, who is an old friend of Elvis. This is one of the earliest boss fights in Chapter Two, and it’s also one of the easiest. While you should be able to beat Roddy without too much trouble, you can try these pointers if you need some help.

The quickest way to take down Roddy is with the Godspeed Strike ability, which the Thief job unlocks at Level 9. This ability consumes quite a bit of MP, so you may also want to keep a Gambler in your party to refill MP when it’s getting low. When everyone’s MP is full, the Gambler can use Flash the Cash to deal more damage. If you haven’t leveled up Gambler yet, you should stock up on Ethers at the Wiswald shop ahead of your fight.

The Beastmaster job can make most boss fights a breeze, and that’s definitely true of this one. If you have any Minotaurs left over from the Bernard boss fight, they’ll serve you well here. You can also do quite a bit of damage with Golems or Rock Tortoises.

Roddy is accompanied by another enemy, Picto-Beleth. I opted to take out Roddy first, but you can attack these enemies in any order. Just put the pressure on and dish out as much damage as you can.

Red Mage is a fantastic sub-job for White Mage and Black Mage, and it’s a solid main job too. This job gives you access to Earth magic, which means you’ll be able to target more enemy weaknesses. I’d recommend assigning this class to your main magic users and farming for job points as soon as you have this Asterisk in hand.

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